Archive / September, 2013

Grafitti funks

Somehow when you look at art you have an instant feeling of wanting to reproduce, reflect, and redesign the imagery in a better way. Dangerous amounts of energy can be flushed in this manner, but I think that experiments in every field only make you stronger in your own art. 123klan definitely inspired me on […]

Mousey Hotel with Helene

This summer Helene and I worked in the studio developing an idea for a “dollhouse” for her mouse-dolls. I took a box, some scissors, and hobby knives and a hot glue gun, and within a short while we had created a dollhouse with slides, secret exits, TV room, windows and more. What a great afternoon.

Sunflowers in Høyanger

For 3 years we have tried to get sunflowers to grow in front of our house. For years the summer growing season has been too short to get more than one flower to bloom. This year the house gave us back its love in the form of gorgeous sunflowers blazing from 4 pots in front […]