Archive / October, 2013

New Høyanger Mural is on it’s way!

“Books keep the monsters in check.” This mural will be located near the stairs leading to the soccer field in Høyanger. It will replace a long standing mural that was done in the 80’s. I hate to paint over the painting but in its current condition it is not looking so good. I hope I […]

Catching paint

After a day of teaching the students in my art class had to clean up. We had used acrylic paints, and the brushes and other various tools had to be washed so that we could be ready for the next day. In the sink, a beautiful array of colors from the remaining pigments was in […]

Burn Art

While helping a student achieve an aged look on a poster project I came upon this technique which I have never seen before (however, I don’t think it’s new). By using a stencil and heat gun I was able to work with the tonality of the burn and at the same time control its development. […]

The Lady in Gold

I just finished reading a great explanation of the history behind Gustav Klimts Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer. I would highly recommend this book if you have an interest in art history or just juicy explanations of the world that influences art. This book was a true eye opener and only reaffirms my interest in visiting […]

UP in The Dale

Ive been working on some paint lately and really like the progression of paint. Inspiration is a funny thing. I believe that one can look for it, hope for it, but to wait for it is like waiting for rainbows to appear from where you are sitting. I really like the color play in this […]