Ykslandsvatn Lake, acrylic 60x40cm

I had to stop one day in a long line of traffic while we waited for construction to open a road. Norwegian roads can be rough. While I waited I finally had the opportunity to get out of the car and photograph the grass which was floating just underneath the surface of this very still lake. I had seen the grass many times before but never had the opportunity to photograph it because there is simply no place to park the car along this very windy section of road. I was taken by the beauty of the grass beacuse it always seemed to me like a drawing that the lake had produced in collaboration between the water wind and grass. All the same, in photographing the grass I was awestruck at the beauty of the sunlight coming over the mountain and stricking a large section of trees that you usual only notice before tucking into the woods as the rooad wound throught the bend.

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