The Big Show

After a long break from showing my artwork I am proud to announce that on the 14th of April, at the townhall in Høyanger I will be having a art show of the paintings of and inspired by Høyanger. If you are anywhere my neck of the woods , please come by and see the […]

Death star of Chicago

Flying home through Chicago was an eye opener. I think that Earthday is rather important to global conciousness, however seeing the Empire’s light show was astounding. We are not alone.

Organic forms

Oh the strangeness. These forms have haunted me since CALARTS from the late 90’s. I don’t think I will ever be done with them.

Flowing paint to do my bidding.

A new paint just became available on the market allowing it to be easier for artists to play with fluid paint on paper and canvas. I had the opportunity to test this paint with my students in a paint fest which lasted for several hours. Some excellent paintings were the result of this and here […]

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is just too much fun not to utilize it in the classroom. One of my students and me worked for the last couple of days on a neat projekt using foam core, wood and translucent paper. There is an interactive part to the decoration, you can move the ghost out one door and by […]

New Høyanger Mural is on it’s way!

“Books keep the monsters in check.” This mural will be located near the stairs leading to the soccer field in Høyanger. It will replace a long standing mural that was done in the 80’s. I hate to paint over the painting but in its current condition it is not looking so good. I hope I […]