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I have been painting murals and large paintings since the day I first began as an artist. At the age of 15 I painted my first mural with the help of my father, it was a ferrari painted on the wall behind my bed. Since then I have painted murals in private and public places and the effect is always quite powerful. I think the best part about a mural is how one interacts with the image in such a large scale. The images from the swimming pool for example, were designed to appeal to the age group of the average user. The Choogoose figures that I draw, appeal to the young at heart and in my opinion have created a very inviting atmosphere to the pool.[button link=”” color=”silver”]Høyanger Swimming Pool Mural[/button] [button link=”” color=”silver”]Høyanger Elementary School Staircase Mural[/button] [button link=”” color=”silver”]Hjetland Kindergarten Commission[/button] [button link=”” color=”silver”]Friluftsland[/button]



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