Magic paint brushes and colored mud. I think that I have always been fascinated by the effects that paint can produce. Whether it is grafitti on a wall or a frame linen masterpiece, I know of few other activities that can alter an environment as quickly or as powerfully as paint. I have included 3 of the last three series of artwork from my collection. I am always interested in helping with commisions and would love to speak to you if you have any needs for improving your home, office or are just looking for a gift.

halandbuttonHåland Series 2009 to presentA collection of works painted from and inspired by Høyanger, Norway.

Bubble Series The first collection of paintings the were produced in Høyanger after moving from Copenhagen. Inspirations for the series can been seen in the organic nature of the brushwork from that series.

Paintings from Denmark A collection of paintings produced in Copenhagen, including the Assisten Cemetery series.