Daniel Longfellow

Creating art to make you smile.

Paint, animation, sculpture and murals, for me all have one thing in common, it should make you feel something. Something inside that makes your world a little bit lighter and brighter. Large mural projects entice me and thats what I am working on currently. Follow my developements on:




Fjord Monster

The Secret is Down There

5 years going and 140 km of paint; this ride has been so much fun. 61 bus stops from Lavik to Sogndal have been decorated. These bus stops are all apart of a larger concept that I am currently working on. Be part of the team!

Håland from Sæbø, acrylic on canvas, 70x40 cm

Fine Art

Classically Modern

Combining the world of animation, childrens art, graffiti  and fine art painting sums up so much of what I focus on.


International Artwork


  • Murals in:
  • California
  • Copenhagen
  • Norway