Høyanger Organic Series

The paintings I created upon my arrival in Høyanger in 2005 reflect a profound shift in my environment, a change that significantly impacted me both physically and mentally as an artist. This transformative experience gave rise to a collection informally titled the “Bubble Paintings.” These works were not intended to depict bubbles in a literal sense. Instead, I aimed for the segmented images to convey a deeply intuitive vision.

My goal was to move beyond the mere representation of nature’s stalks and stems. I sought to infuse the images with an ethereal yet tangible quality, capturing the essence of my new surroundings in a more abstract and evocative manner. This approach allowed me to explore the interplay between the seen and unseen, the physical and the ephemeral, resulting in a series that resonates with the profound impact of my relocation to Høyanger.

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