Murals Gallery

Public Works

I have dedicated myself to painting murals and large-scale artworks since the beginning of my artistic journey. At the age of 15, with my father’s assistance, I painted my first mural—a Ferrari on the wall behind my bed. Since then, I’ve created murals in diverse settings, both private and public, consistently aiming for a profound impact. The immersive experience of engaging with a large-scale image is, to me, one of the most captivating aspects of mural art.

For instance, the murals at the Høyanger Swimming Pool were specifically designed to resonate with the facility’s primary user demographic. My Choogoose figures are crafted to appeal to the young at heart, fostering an inviting and lively atmosphere.

To view my largest mural project, please visit my other website, Fjord Trolls. This ambitious endeavor involved decorating 65 bus stops along a 135 km stretch of road in western Norway. These small murals are intended to bring joy to children commuting to school via public transport.