Illustrations of a Captain

I wanted to share these illustrations of a captain design that I plan to use for an upcoming project I’m envisioning. Each piece captures the essence and lunacy of a captain, which I believe will be a perfect fit for my project. I hope you enjoy them!

Illustrations of Organic Dudes

Recently, I’ve been working on some designs, but I’m uncertain about their direction. Creating meaningful visual representations of actions through intriguing figures involves exploring new ways to present form and anatomy. These illustrations feature a badminton player, Perseus, a skier, and a child playing with a toy car. Each piece aims to capture the essence and dynamism of the subject, blending realism with artistic interpretation.

Big ink of Pain

I took the opportunity to create a large ink drawing that I felt represented the pain in my stomach. It was a bit strange to visualize where the pain was coming from, but this exercise turned out to be surprisingly helpful. Turning my discomfort into an artistic expression gave me a new perspective and actually made me feel better. The whole process was therapeutic, allowing me to understand and cope with the pain in a more meaningful way.